Friday, January 31, 2020

Art Paper Essay Example for Free

Art Paper Essay The picture shows a tree almost completely bare of its leaves. Shot vertically from an upward perspective, it is set against a clear but dusky sky. The slender reddish-gray tree features a slight elbow-like stump near the base, suggesting an initial angled development before growing up straight. The main branches forks from around the tree, as the lesser and fine branches appear to swing around and entangle in the crown area. The bark of the tall trunk itself is rather smooth and the fine branches on top seem dainty and struggling for new foliage. Beneath, the stump and the visible area below it appear hazy, as these spots obviously form closest to the camera lens that took the photograph. The picture juxtaposes the shadowed underside of the tree branches against a dim bluish sky. Bibliography Perspective_Tree.jpg (Picture). Index of /~jpadley/Images/Mindy_Sarah. Gonzaga University. 2006. Retrieved 1 Dec.1. Perspective_Tree.jpg.

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